Ningbo Laitelaili Label Products Co., Ltd., a self-adhesive label paper manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, offers efficient, high-quality, and economical production services globally. With a wide range of production equipment, we cater to diverse customer needs, providing quick responses and high-quality products. Our fast delivery and optimized processes ensure timely fulfillment. We adhere to "quality first, reasonable price," offering affordable, high-quality label paper with flexible pricing. Our professional team provides comprehensive services, focusing on customer communication and personalized solutions. Looking ahead, we're committed to enhancing production capacity, service levels, and exploring more cooperation opportunities, contributing significantly to the global self-adhesive label industry. We eagerly anticipate a better future with you.
We always insist on the use of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and clarity of the label paper, so that your message is clearly presented. Advanced production process, to ensure that every label paper is accurate, to provide you with a reliable experience. With a wide range of product lines, we can provide you with the perfect solution for both general labels and special purpose labels. Laitelaili, your trusted label brand!
Business scope
The company has experienced, avant-garde, creative professional label paper, barcode carbon strip production and manufacturing team, can provide customers with high-quality label raw materials and reasonable prices and excellence label solutions. Company main: thermal label paper, coated paper, self-adhesive raw materials, PET silver paper, BOPP synthetic paper printing label paper, barcode printer carbon tape, ribbon and so on.
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Product categories: Self-adhesive raw materials, express thermal label paper, coated paper, PET silver paper, BOPP synthetic paper, sticker printing, barcode printer carbon tape
Blank, color label for processing
PET silver paper
Color thermal label paper printing
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