As a manufacturer of self-adhesive label paper and bar code ribbon with more than 20 years of profound heritage, Ningbo Laitelaili Label Products Co., LTD always aims to provide efficient, high-quality and economical production services for global customers. We are equipped with a variety of self-adhesive label, barcode printer ribbon production equipment, designed to meet the different needs of various customers, and can respond quickly to provide excellent quality products. Thanks to our efficient delivery process and optimized operation management, we are always able to complete customer orders on time and with high quality. The company's product line is relatively rich, there are thermal label paper, coated paper, PET matte silver paper, BOPP synthetic paper, color thermal paper, transparent dragon PET, brushed gold, brushed silver and other self-adhesive label materials, bar code printer ribbon are: wax base, mixed base, full resin, multi-functional resin, enhanced mixed base, washed label ribbon, various color ribbons. We adhere to the principle of "quality first, fair price", and are committed to providing customers with superior quality, reasonable price and high quality non-label paper, bar code ribbon products. Our professional team provides 360 degree services, always focused on deepening customer communication and cooperation and personalized OEM solutions. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to improve production capacity and service quality, and actively explore more cooperation opportunities, in order to contribute to the development of the global self-adhesive label, bar code ribbon industry. We are looking forward to working with you to create a brilliant future.
We always insist on the use of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and clarity of the label paper, so that your message is clearly presented. Advanced production process, to ensure that every label paper is accurate, to provide you with a reliable experience. With a wide range of product lines, we can provide you with the perfect solution for both general labels and special purpose labels. Laitelaili, your trusted label brand!
Business scope
The company has experienced, avant-garde, creative professional label paper, barcode carbon strip production and manufacturing team, can provide customers with high-quality label raw materials and reasonable prices and excellence label solutions. Company main: thermal label paper, coated paper, self-adhesive raw materials, PET silver paper, BOPP synthetic paper printing label paper, barcode printer carbon tape, ribbon and so on.
Product categories: Self-adhesive raw materials, express thermal label paper, coated paper, PET silver paper, BOPP synthetic paper, sticker printing, barcode printer carbon tape
Blank, color label for processing
PET silver paper
Color thermal label paper printing
Barcode Printer Ribbon